1.Will boys and girls room on the same floor in the dorm?

No, we separate genders by floor.

2.How many counselors are supervising in the dorm?

Our goal is to have one counselor per 8 campers. Both male and female counselors are stationed in the dorm.

3.What will my camper eat?

Three square meals a day are provided. Most meals are catered in for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is usually located in conjunction with the evening activity.

4.Where do day campers check in?

ALL campers will check in at the dorm (Ragans Hall) for the first day of camp. ALL campers will walk over to Speicher Tennis Center to begin the first session.

5.Where is Seminole Tennis Camp?

Seminole Tennis Camp is located in Tallahassee, Florida on the campus of Florida State University. The camp itself will be using the Scott Speicher Tennis Center and the FSU Indoor Facility. Maps have been provided under the appropriate tab.