1.What happens when I have paid and have to cancel my week of camp?

A full refund (except for the deposit) can be refunded within 72 hours of the first day of camp. Your deposit and/or tuition can be used towards future camp weeks.

2.Will boys and girls room on the same floor in the dorm?

No, we separate genders by floor.

3.How many counselors are supervising in the dorm?

Our goal is to have one counselor per 8 campers. Both male and female counselors are stationed in the dorm.

4.What will my camper eat?

Three square meals a day are provided. Most meals are catered in for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is usually located in conjunction with the evening activity.

5.Where do day campers check in?

ALL campers will check in at the dorm (Ragans Hall) for the first day of camp. ALL campers will walk over to Speicher Tennis Center to begin the first session. For the remainder of camp, day campers will check in and out at Scott Speicher Tennis Center.

6.When is my balance due?

Balances are due any time prior to the first day of camp or on site at camp registration. A late fee of $25/day will be assessed thereafter.

7.How does the camp bank work?

Parents can choose from $25 to $100 during registration to stock their child’s camp bank. This bank will serve as credit and will be used in place of money. This fund can be used to purchase pizza (nightly dorm snack), snacks, drinks, hats, t-shirts, and can also be used for racquet stinging purposes. Unused money will be available for pick up on the last day of camp.

8.Will my child need additional spending money?

Nightly activities away from campus are funded by the camp. However, some campers choose to purchases drinks and additional games at Funstation. $5 to $20 is an appropriate amount.

9.Is online registration the only way to sign up for camp?

No, there are also camp brochures in .pdf format located on their respective pages/links which can be printed out and mailed in. We do prefer, if possible, online registration as there are medical waivers and other forms to be completed prior to participating in camp.

10.Where is Seminole Tennis Camp?

Seminole Tennis Camp is located in Tallahassee, Florida on the campus of Florida State University. The camp itself will be using the Scott Speicher Tennis Center and the FSU Indoor Facility. Maps have been provided under the appropriate tab.